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Diabetic foot is one of the most significant and devastating complications of Diabetes and is defined as a foot affected by ulceration that is associated with Neuropathy or Peripheral arterial diseases of the lower limb in a patient with Diabetes. Nerve damage from Diabetes can cause you to lose feeling in your feet. You may not feel a cut, a blister, a sore and can even cause changes in the skin of your foot. Foot injuries such as these can cause ulcers and infections. Serious causes may even lead to Amputation.



        High Blood sugar level.


        Nerve damage and poor circulation due to diabetic Neuropathy.


        Irritated or Wounded feet.




        Tobacco use(Inhibits blood circulation)


         Diabetic foot in Ayurveda


In Ayurvedic treatise, there is detailed explanation about the occurrence and effective management of diabetic foot under the name ‘premehajavrana’. It is mentioned as a complication of premeha. In the pathogenesis of the disease, it is told that there will be disturbance to the stability of tridosas(three elements), saptadhatus(seven tissues) and blood leading to the formation of Pidakas(small blisters) which later becomes non-healing ulcers.



Vascular compromise should be considered a relative contraindication to a surgical approach and amputation may not be an easy option as wound healing will be poor. We manage it by performing sevral effective procedures in Ayurveda like kashayadhara, medicated dhoopana,etc along with internal medicines. The medicines for internal and external purpose will be decided based on the patient’s body constitution and stage of the ulcer. Special care will be taken from the beginning to keep the diabetis under control through medicines and strict diet and regimen. These procedures will heal the ulcers, and stimulate the nerverve endings and enhance the blood supply to the foot. The patient’s general health condition will be enhanced through the effective procedures of Ayurveda.

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